Complete Site Service

So you want a website? Great! Well, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Actually, there are approximately 8 billion options according to Google. Of course, you know that number is a bit overblown and filled with duplicates, dead pages and other things that aren’t appropriate. Not the point. You landed here on our little corner of the Internet one way or another, whether it was a Google search, referral, or one of us handing you our business cards. So what can we offer you? Here’s how a typical site package is done through us.

1. We meet with you.

As long as it’s convenient for all of us (and it usually is), we will come to your business’ location or meet with you at a coffee shop, restaurant, really any place that’s easy for all of us to gather at. Once the greetings and handshakes are done, we will ask what you want out of a website. Whether it’s merely an informational site, a site where you want to become more social, gather feedback from customers or even an eCommerce site, we can help with that.

2. We draft up a plan.

Once the meeting is over, we’ll go back to our base of operations and go over how to approach the site in terms of design and execution. This typically takes a week to create a draft and during this time, we’ll stay in contact with you, asking how you like certain elements, what elements to be change, so on and so forth. This will happen until you are happy with the draft.

3. Design and Develop.

After you’ve given us the green light, we get to work immediately. What was once an image will become a fully functional theme and what were merely ideas on paper become reality in pixels. When the theme is completed, we’ll meet with you once again to go over some basics and give a small tour. After that, that is when you supply us with the content to put on the website to make it look more like what you envision. The design process takes around a week and the time to get content depends on however long it takes for you to decide what you want on your site.

The best part of all of this? Your theme is mobile-responsive, meaning it will be easily navigable whether you’re using a computer, smartphone or tablet. It’s a win-win situation!

4. Launch!

Your site is now ready to go public! This would be a great time to tell your customers about your new site, to test it out and give feedback. Why? Because your current customers will give you honest feedback that can help you (and us) turn the site into something better for when new customers come to join.

Does this all sound good? If so, then click here and contact us!

If not, go onto our next page. I’m sure we’ll be able to convince you to join us.