About Us

We (Prophecy1) are a small company based in the smaller town of Nashville, Illinois, a town of 3200 people. Originally starting in 2007 as a logistics and transportation company that was affected greatly by the 2008 economic downturn, we know when it is appropriate to pivot and when to stay on task.

There are currently two employees in our little operation, Victor Lopez (President) and Zach Flauaus (Director of Design, Development and also the one writing this little page). We’re both technology buffs, geeks, nerds or whatever appropriate adjective you see fit. Our gadget obsessions have even been called ridiculous and outrageous by our families (and probably for good reason, although it won’t change anytime soon).

We’re not like traditional web design firms in that we don’t want you to take time off from your busy work schedule to meet with us. Instead, we will come to you most of the time or at the very least schedule a phone call whenever you’re available. We also don’t believe that you should have to fork out half of the design fees upfront, the other half when the site is finished and never hear from us again. That’s just plain wrong and a bit distasteful if we may say. Instead, we want to make sure that your costs are low upfront and that you get what you want.

But perhaps this is best saved for another page like, oh… This one, perhaps?

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