Online Presence

What was once a single category that many people could figure out for themselves, it has now become more complicated as technology has changed. Previously, SEO (search engine optimization) was the thing that web firms all touted as their top thing. While SEO is still an important part of a site, we believe that online presence has broadened (and split) into two separate categories: social media and recommendations.

Social Media

With the abundance of smartphones, more and more people are using social media networks to share their lives with the world. Because of this, more and more people are asking about what products and services are the best to use, whether it be within their group of friends or asking the Internet at large. Keeping this in mind, you can find potential customers in your area and send your message to them. Our primary networks used are Twitter and Facebook but that doesn’t mean we’re closed-minded to other options that you may want to use.


This is our branding of “SEO+.” Back in the day of pure search engines that just spat out results without social profiles or anything extra, SEO was easily managed. Just throw in a plugin, add some keywords and call it a day. But now search engines are doing more than just searching for your results. They’re compiling results of businesses that are found in their directories, gathering reviews and showing it to you on a single page.

We still do SEO optimizations but we’re also beginning to focus on directory listings as well. What if your business doesn’t show up in Google Maps? Yelp? What if your information is incorrect and you don’t know it? We can help make sure that your information is correct across several sites, enabling your message to be both widespread and correct. Because there’s nothing worse than having a customer interested in your business but then learning that they were unable to contact you for a myriad of reasons.